Elmore Ltd identified contract processing as a vital but underserviced niche in the Australian mining industry. 

Elmore and its partners deliver fully-funded, turnkey mining, processing and logistics solutions so resources companies can start or increase production.

The Company’s “Build-Own-Operate” model works to provide safer, more predictable returns to its shareholders.

Maximising Returns

Elmore offers performance-based agreements that incentivise speed, economy and safety, involving:
·       A fixed rate per tonne of ore processed
·       Profit sharing
·       Opportunities to become equity partners in promising projects
Minimising Risk

Mining is a cyclical business.  Elmore minimises risk by:
·       Reduced exposure to exploration risk
·       Aligning its agreements to the risk profile of the project
·       Managing multiple projects at once to diversify its risk
·       Maintaining the flexibility to redeploy people and equipment across projects